Top Products That Help Your Child Learn to Walk

Get your child walking with these tips & tricks and top products to help your child get there faster.

standing baby infant
standing baby infant

After sitting up, crawling and standing, your baby has now reached the most important developmental milestone of all – learning to walk. For parents, their baby’s first step is a matter of great joy and excitement. Most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months of age. But for some, this development may come a little late. While babies do learn to walk on their own, there are many ways that you can help them achieve this major developmental milestone. By giving a little encouragement, you can get him moving in no time.

When it comes to baby products, the market is flooded with toys and equipment that help babies to learn to crawl, stand and walk. Teaching your child to walk can either be an easy or difficult task depending on the method you choose. Fortunately there are many products out there that make the training process enjoyable and engaging. The walking toys can help encourage your baby to move around, by giving him support and the confidence he needs. Let’s check out some of the top best products that help your child learn to walk:

VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

VTech has always been in the forefront of developing high quality toys and baby products. Their sit to stand learning walker with so many amazing features is no different. Through adaptive technology, the product helps your baby develop his walking skills very easily. Important features of the  sit to stand learning walker includes:

  • A range of learning activities including shape sorters, spinning gears, rollers and light-up buttons for developing motor skills
  • Easy-to-remove activity panel for on-the-run fun or floor play
  • Five piano keys and and a telephone handset for encouraging creativity

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Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Discovery Walker

The Sounds and Lights Discovery Walker developed by Safety 1st is an exciting product that has everything your baby might want to have. It contains tools that stimulate your baby’s motor, auditory, visual and tactile development. Features of this product include:

  • 2 swing-open activity trays
  • Five playful dinosaur-themed toys that light up and play a number of melodies
  • Easily removable and machine washable padded seats
  • Three adjustable seat heights

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Bright Beginnings Activity Walker by Fisher-Price

To add to the joy and excitement of learning to walk, Fisher-Price has introduced the Bright Beginnings Activity Walker, a sturdy four wheel walker that encourages your baby to walk. He can sit and play with a wide range of toys attached to the walker or simply get up and walk. The different elements in the product help to enhance your baby’s sensory and motor skills in addition to fostering creativity and imagination. The features include:

  • An activity center with colorful spinning panels, turning gears, sliding beads and flipping doors.
  • A colorful spinning ball in the middle of the activity center
  • Can be folded for travel or easy storage

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Step Start Walk ‘n Ride by Playskool

This is a two in one toy that helps babies stand and walk, and then later it can be converted to your baby’s first ride on toy. A colorful and sturdy walker, the Step Start Walk ‘n Ride comes with many hands-on activities that are both stimulating and fun filled. This toy encourages the fine motor skills and gross motor skills of your baby. The main features include:

  • Made of high-quality and kid-friendly materials
  • 2-in-1 activity toy that encourages your baby to walk and then easily converts to baby’s first ride on toy
  • A locking mechanism that only adults can activate and deactivate
  • Clicking gear shift, flexible antenna, clicking dial on the front, front spinner and back spinner

Get your child one here:

Walking is definitely a very important milestone that requires your attention, support and encouragement. The advantage of buying these products is that they not only encourage your child to walk, but they also help improve his sensory and motor skills. They also help bring out the creativity and imagination of your child. It is important to understand that you should not force your baby to walk before he is ready to do it. When it comes to your child and the milestones he reaches, try not to be in a hurry.