Today’s Top Health Concerns for New Dads

Today's Health Concerns for New Dads.

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Today’s common health concerns for new dads infant children at 3 months old

Are you a new dad, you are sure to have moments of panic in concern of your baby’s health? Here is a guide to some freaky phenomena for today’s health concerns for new dads when your child is 3 months old.

Crying baby

This question is sure to come to every dad, is it normal for babies to cry every night for hours? Yes, this is not some news, but yes babies do cry a lot. Though it is a known fact, when baby cries in your arms for hours, it is difficult to wonder what is wrong. Especially in the initial three months, it is difficult to analyze the exact reason and the thought haunts each new father that he is doing something terribly wrong. Nearly all babies get cranky with nightfall and the hours of witching initiates. They become absolutely fussy. The crying starts in the first two months and heightens in five and eight week’s time and by the third month it is high.

The crying sprees are inconvenient and upsetting, but actually these are normal. Ensure your baby takes naps throughout the day so that he is not overtired. Try walking outside and soothing the baby, above all, remember that this will be only for a short time and suddenly your baby will be all smiles. If if all else fails try what I do; change the diapers, feed, then burp. This usually tackles the top reasons why a baby may cry for hours on end. Don’t try to stress too much cause it will happen to every new parent. You’ll eventually get to the point where you are able to decipher each cry and know what your baby is crying about, hopefully..


Spit-up is the drool. Sometimes or most times the spit volume may be much, but you need not worry if the baby’s weight is normal. A baby spit up may appear a volume, but actually it is merely a fraction of that she ate.

In case your baby is not gaining weight and appears to have pain after or before spitting, it may be acid reflux. Notice if your baby has wheezing trouble. If not, there are no complications and your baby will settle.

Also, be sure to try and not put the baby down right after a feed. What my wife and I like to do is make sure that our stomach is settled after eating a good bottle of milk. We do this by keeping him upright for a certain amount of time; usually 10-20 minutes after a feed. This ensures that his stomach is settled and he has no spit ups coming..

Is Baby Constipated?

Initially, it is all dirty diapers adding up. But, as the baby gets older, the poop department may need some shake-up. It may extend to four days once or weekly, the first time it took a couple days for him to poop was stressful but it apparently is normal..

The infrequent stools is hard to imagine and also worrisome. This is because there is a slowdown period for the bowel movements to adjust.  If there is a real constipation problem your baby is sure to scream and cry while they poop. If so, speak to a pediatrician and to suggest baby foods acting as stimulant, use glycerin suppositories to lubricate and massage the anal area so that the muscles are relaxed, remember to check with your doctor before using any new medicines or supplements.

Baby Waking at Night

New parents experiencing sleep deprivation is unavoidable.  You may think everything is getting into a real rhythm, but suddenly your baby stays awake throughout the night. These will sure cause disruptions.

In these instances, remember to stick to the routine of your bedtime and comfort your child by patting at the back.  Fever and the symptoms may also accompany frequently, so do not panic, but constant care is a must.

Remember do not start involving in interactions at nighttime, it may perpetuate the waking. Thus, keep your interaction brief; keep peeping in every 15 seconds to ensure your baby is sleeping.