Hilarious PSA on Stealing Your Parent’s HBO Go Passwords


Check out the video and see a hilarious PSA on stealing your parent’s HBO Go Passwords.

Children should avoid stealing Their Parents HBO Go Password

It is not news when children steal their parents HBO Go password. That is expected but not accepted of course. While you may find fun doing so, your good parent may not really like that. Netflix passwords and borrowed HBO GO is one gift subjecting itself to limitless hour of bad winter weekends that are spent indoors, post-breakup Netflix Bing or some nice Saturday viewing.

Chances are that they are borrowed or stolen from your parents, family members or your friends. Of course they are not yours. Things seems even better nowadays given that many user profiles have the option to separate your selections from those boring taste of your mom like you would call them. However, it is still not you paying. That only means that you are burdening somebody somewhere.

In regard to that, there is a new caricature PSA originating from Mashable that expresses the views other parent about you stealing their HBD Go and passwords. If the parents are doing this, it is not because they don’t love you but it is because your taste and preferences in the television are so different. You can imagine the headache you are giving your parents as they struggle to filter whatever stuff you added in their preferred viewing feed.

Why should kids stop stealing their parents HBO Go Password?

To give their parents the space they need; if you keep interfering with their activities, you will only have worked hard to frustrate them. You may not always be happy when someone else has access to what belongs to you and the same applies to your parents.

Different taste and preferences; your taste and preference in the TV is so different from your parents. You don’t expect a parent to be all-smiles when filtering your content.

Adult stuff; it is not always necessary that you see what your good mom or is aunt or dad preferences are. They might as well be adult stuff and that’s not any of your business. Your parent or family member need some space and privacy and by stealing their passwords you violate one of their rights. When you are old enough to be a parent, am sure you would never like the idea of your child, nephew or anyone having your password. It doesn’t sound good at all. Do everything you can to make your parents proud of you and stealing your parents HBO Go Password isnt one of thing that make a parent proud.