Planning Your Child’s First Birthday


It’s really amazing how fast babies grow. The little bundle of joy you received in your arms just a few months ago is all set to celebrate his first birthday. First birthdays of babies are always special to every parent. Needless to say, they will do everything they can to make the day memorable and exciting. Although your little one is not going to remember anything that happens on the day or all the hard work you put into planning and organizing the event, he’ll be seeing all the pictures of his birthday bash when he grows up and will be happy and grateful that you made his day truly awesome. Here are some tips for Planning the First Birthday.

First Year Milestones

Learning to walk and talk are the most important milestones that you can expect from your baby by the time he reaches his first birthday. However, there are babies who develop these skills at 8 or 9 months of age. No matter at what age they start developing new skills, it is the responsibility of the parents to encourage their babies to go further beyond what they have already achieved. The best way to encourage your baby to speak up is to read, talk and sing to him quite often and at an early stage. He may not be able to say any actual words yet, but he’s grasping everything and storing it in his little brain so that he can use them when his lips and tongue catch up to his brain. His syllables may seem nonsense at first but sooner these syllables will start to make sense and you will hear the first word out of his mouth. How exciting is that !

As far as walking is concerned, it doesn’t happen overnight. The process involves a lot of hard work from getting up to taking the first steps. No matter how your infant prepares for walking, you must be there to help and guide him along. Make sure you provide him with plenty of opportunities to improve his large motor skills. Avoid restricting him to a play yard or stroller, instead give him plenty of free time on the floor or in a space outdoors where he can safely explore. Help him to stand upright by holding his hands. Your baby will soon start to take his first steps all by himself.

Tips and Tricks to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday

Now that you are all ready to celebrate the big day, there are a few things you need to consider before the event. The stress, both emotional and financial, of planning and hosting the first birthday party may take a toll on many parents who wish to make the event a successful and memorable one. From selecting the theme of the party to preparing the guest lists to  planning the menu to finding the perfect outfit for your baby, the first birthday party is a huge event that has to be well thought about and planned. Here are a few tips and tricks for preparing yourself and your family for your infant’s first birthday:

Set a budget and stick to it

Before deciding on other essentials of the event, it is very important to set the budget first. After that you can get to the other aspects of planning, such as choosing a theme and  determining how many people to invite. Once the budget has been set, make sure that you stick to it and don’t go overboard. If you don’t wish to spend a fortune on the event, you can have the party at your home and serve the guests some delicious homemade food.

Prepare a guest list

Since your main focus is your baby’s birthday it would be a good idea not to invite too many people. You may feel tempted to invite everyone you know but remember, a huge crowd may be overwhelming for your baby. Spending the day with close friends and family will be a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. A simple and effective way to invite people is to create a Facebook invite that people can RSVP. This way it is easier to track who’s coming.

Pick a suitable time

Choosing the ideal time is very important to avoid fussiness and a meltdown. The ideal time would be soon after nap time, say 4 PM. Try to keep the party short, if there will be other young children. Babies usually have low tolerance and a short attention span, and so too much festivity is likely to make them irritated and fussy.

Choose a theme

You can make the theme as simple or complex as you want. The internet is full of ideas and themes, which you can refer to. Although a theme is not so important for your one year old baby, having one can add zest and vibrancy to the event as well as to the photographs.

Planning the menu

When you are planning the menu, take into consideration whether the party is going to be mostly adults or if kids of all ages are coming too. Keep the menu simple and straightforward with items like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and chips.

Order cakes

When it comes to first birthday parties, the latest trend is to order two cakes – a big cake for the guests and a smash cake for your baby to dig his hands into. You can save some money by baking your own mini smash cake.

Take photographs

You can either hire a professional photographer to take pictures, or you can ask a trusted friend or family member with good photography skills to take pictures of the event. Either way, taking photographs is a must to make sure every single moment of the great day gets captured.

Your baby’s first birthday party is probably the event you’ve been looking forward to  with great enthusiasm. At the same time, all the excitement and pressure to make the event a memorable can be really stressful. However, the few tried and tested tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help prevent stress, reduce confusion and allow you and your family to prepare for your baby’s first birthday in a smooth and easy way. Rest assured that your family and guests will all enjoy a fun filled and terrific day.