New Dad Fears for Today and How Mom Should Handle Them

new dad fears in 2018

From the look of things, your man is ready and able to be a great dad. However, you should know that he still has his dad fears. Without much ado, here are some of the top fears of modern dads.

  1. The house will not be in order

He might fear that arrival of the baby will mean that the whole house will be full of crap. Make him understand that the baby is not a monster who will come into the house and take control of everybody else. Assure him that you will be in control of the baby and you will ensure that the house remains orderly.

  1. There will be no sleep

When your man fears that he will not be able to have quality sleep again once the baby arrives, assure him that he will still sleep but not in the early days. Agree with him on a convenient sleeping strategy. For instance, you can agree so that you handle any late-night issues on weekdays, and he does the same on weekends.

  1. Not being be able to do everything the right way

If your baby daddy fears that he might not be able to do things perfectly, you should talk to him, and let him understand that it is not possible to know everything. Show him whatever he doesn’t know, then let him practice it as you stay away.

  1. Growing up is a must

If you fear that having a baby will force you to come back home early, play less and drink less, then you should talk to your wife about it. Of course, the arrival of the baby will change your life. But if you talk to your wife, she might allow you to have some more time. For instance, talk to her to handle your baby-duties on Friday so you take care of her duties while she goes out on Wednesday.

  1. Not being able to be there for the kid

Depending on how your father brought you up, you are likely to treat your kid just the way your father treated you or do exactly the opposite. Your wife will be in a position to help you balance the right things and your childhood experience. Do a thorough research together to know the right thing to do.

  1. Failing to provide properly for the child

Discuss together the amount of money you will require to take care of the baby. Make a rough baby budget, and help each other if necessary.