7 Ways Generation Y Dads Are Parenting Differently Than Their Parents

Discover why this generation may be parenting a little different than those in the past.

Papalyfe me and my son's hands

Generation Y Dads are bringing new parenting skills and tactics to the table. From googling how to’s to multi-tasking daily tasks, fatherhood for this generation has never been more easy and difficult at the same time.

Generation Y is the generation of people born after the 80s, we are also known to be people called origination or the millennium generation of the Internet, which appeared exactly at this time. It was the generation that developed in a time of great technological advances and economic prosperity. Children of Generation Y grew up having many things their parents did not have, such as cable TV, video games, computers, various types of games, and more. If Generation X saw the birth of the internet and technology, Generation Y was born when it was being fully developed, grown and internalized. The babies of Generation Y dads will reap the benefits of technology and information from both generations

Planned Children, Increased Attention

We’ve observed Generation Y fathers disregarding conventional markers into adulthood, for example, home ownership and marriage, thus it does not shock anyone they are deferring parenthood also. The Great Recession, colossal understudy advances, and record unemployment have all consolidated to make these developments less monetarily practical for the Generation Y father’s era. They are not hurrying into parenthood, but rather painstakingly getting ready for it. Therefore, Generation Y fathers are exceptionally drawn in with their youngsters.

Greater Expectations

Generation Y fathers are more into their kids, and  expect more from themselves as parents. Despite the fact that they are investing more energy with their youngsters, Generation Y fathers still feel weight to be better, even immaculate, guardians. Maybe this is the reason Generation Y fathers have been found to support paid paternity leave more than different eras (trust me I do).

Digital Dads

Generation Y fathers utilize their innovation for everything, parenting included. As indicated by late research 70% of Generation Y fathers look for parenting data on the web.

The Bottom Line

Generation Y Fathers may follow their dad’s style, yet they are a totally distinctive type of parents. They invest more energy with their youngsters than different eras; have higher desires for themselves as guardians, and obviously Google everything, I mean everything. The old standbys of the child modern complex may discover the ground moving under their feet.

Use of technology by children

We are known to be a generation that experienced many technological advances, growth in several countries, which eventually became world powers. The children of Generation Y dads will also be among the first to actually be groing up with tablets and technology such as that.

Growing up with gadgets 

As mentioned before, children of Generation Y grow up having many of their parents did not have, such as cable TV, video games, computers, various types of games, and more. By having this contact with all the technology, they ended up known to be loose people, distracted, insubordinate and superficial, for the most part.

The different mindset and lifestyle

Generation Y is also known to have great ambition, and it is normal to find this young generation who change jobs frequently, because the previous job were not challenging enough and had no opportunity to grow professionally. Generation Y (also known as Millennials) have a eagerness for innovations, always wanting to have the top smartphone of the moment, and all the more technological products possible. Generation Y have shown the ability to do several things at the same time such as listening to music, surf the internet, read emails, among many others which, in theory, not hinder their professional duties. Unlike generations before where the parents are focused more on the baby, this generation have more to do and appear to handle the load quite well.